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November 2013



My Great Gatsby Engagement Ring

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Daisy on lounge

Glen asked me at the beginning of the year to choose the style of engagement ring I wanted. I realised a proposal must be coming which was really exciting. It’s such a big decision choosing the ring. So in January we got dressed up and went to Tiffany on Castlereagh Street in Sydney to look at engagement rings. I always thought I was the classic type of girl. One large round solitaire diamond set in a hand of clusters. Like the one below. It’s known as ‘The Tiffany Ring’ from Tiffany. The Tiffany ring Once I got to Tiffany and tried this type of ring on it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like me and it didn’t suit me or my personality. It felt old fashioned and dated for me. Don’t get me wrong I absolute love this ring on some people. After going in a few times and showing my mother I decided on the Tiffany Soleste cushion cut, double halo ring (below). It looked just stunning on and sparkled like crazy. When the Great Gatsby movie came out in May this year and Daisy first appeared showing her sparkling ring, I realised my ring was like Daisy’s .. I had a Great Gatsby engagement ring!! I chose the style because it is endless and timeless with a vintage feel. I love the cushion cut. It is a romantic style with a glamorous feel. Tiffany Soleste Above is the Tiffany Soleste ring I chose from Tiffany. The centre diamond is cushion cut and the halo refers to the diamonds around it. Glen sourced endlessly to find me the perfect diamond and designer. He went with James Allen and chose for me a 1.3 carat diamond for the centre and 63 diamonds to surround it. He also chose platinum because it is brighter and stronger than white gold. Daisy on lounge This is when Daisy first appears in the movie, with her sparkling cushion halo ring. It looks just stunning on her. Daisy on lounge close up Here is a close up of the ring. It’s a little blurry but you can still see that it’s a cushion shaped diamond with a halo of diamonds around the outside. Daisy on ballister purple fur Daisy above is in her pale mauve fur cape, fancy jewellery and head piece. You can get a good look at her diamond ring in this pic. Her other jewellery is stunning as well. Daisy on ballister This photo is taken from the scene when Daisy is at Gatsby’s house. You can see the ring beautifully here. Daisy's ring Daisy dances with Leonardo Di Caprio (Gatsby) at one of Gatsby’s extravagant parties. If you don’t like her ring there are still so many other lovely things to look at, like her fabulous dresses. Daisy Gatsby against tree portait Look how stunning this dress is. I love this photo of Carey and Leo. I think she did a great job of playing Daisy, even though I was a little sceptical at first. I saw Carey in Drive where she played a lower class mum, so I wasn’t sure how she was going to pull off playing decadent and wealthy Daisy Buchanan.  She did a marvellous job though. Apparently when she auditioned for the role with Leo she kissed him in the scene. Leo was so impressed that he picked her for the role. Well of course he did!! That’s Leo for you. Ok I’ll stop there. Leo kissing Daisy's neck How nice is this pic. So passionate and dramatic. Leo gatsby at tree landscape This picture is gorgeous too. The Great Gatsby You can see the ring nicely in this picture. A beautiful delicate halo. Daisy on lounge close up Here is another close up of the ring. The centre diamond looks like it’s at least 2 carats. Stunning. the ring This is a great replica of Daisy’s ring. Ritani stock this ring. They talk about how beautiful the cushion cut halo diamond ring is in a blog post of their’s. They explain that in the 20th century, technological advances meant that diamonds could be set closer together. They were able to create a beautiful and continuous band of diamonds. Hence the halo. You can check out their blog post here Daisy Buchanan’s Engagement Ring Style. Ritani Cushion ring I have a double halo of diamonds in my  which makes the centre diamond appear even larger. It also makes the centre diamond sparkle in a way that a single solitaire can not.

Daisy wedding dayDaisy on her wedding day. You don’t see this scene in the movie unfortunately. Cool pic though. Sorry it’s a little grainy. The Great Gatsby room The Buchanan house is really beautiful (above). I love the flowing sheer curtains and look at the chandelier andDaisy’s dress. I would love that chandelier above the dance floor at my wedding. Lounge and flowers pic This picture is my absolute favourite. The flowers are to die for!! Daisy in lounge room Daisy amongst the beautiful flowers. The-Great-Gatsby-party Gatsby’s parties were so extravagant. I’d love to go to one!!


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