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June 2014



Visiting Brides in Bloom

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Brides in bloom

I visited Brides & Bloom last month to get a better idea of what flowers I would like for my wedding. Brides in Bloom are a florist in Homebush that also style weddings. For months I have been looking at flowers over the internet, trying to find the perfect flowers and colours scheme for my wedding. Let’s face it, the flowers are such a huge part of every wedding. They dress the reception up!!  I found that having an overall vision/theme for the wedding really helps. You can’t just pick out different elements and throw them together, you need a mood board. I didn’t know this to begin with, it’s something I had to learn. Here’s a few pictures I took on my visit.

Brides of Bloom

Megan was great. She ran through all of the different flowers that are in season in September and gave us an idea of some of different styles and colours that we can have. I started to learn the names of flowers and found out that each rose has a name. She also helped us with our theming and gave us some nice lighting ideas.

BridesinbloomPouring over all of my ideas. The room was gorgeous to sit in.

Brides in bloomEverything was so pretty.
Brides in bloomThey had a bit of a rustic vibe going on …Brides in BloomI really liked some of her tea lights and vases.

Brides in bloomThe cakes were lovely. They would be really nice for a more ‘garden’ themed wedding. It was hard to not go for this type of cake with the fresh flowers on it, but I had to keep thinking ‘red carpet’ ‘red carpet’!!
Brides in bloomBrides in bloomThese guys have been featured in a lot of bridal magazines which was nice.
Brides in BloomI really enjoyed my visit to Brides in Bloom. I will definitely use these guys in the future. If not for my wedding, for something else.

Love Rach xox

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