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August 2014



Picking the Ulitmate Wedding Cake

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The Cake Studio

I poured over hundreds of wedding cakes trying to find the ultimate wedding cake. When you book your wedding at Doltone House you receive a voucher to spend at the renowned Cake Studio in Sans Souci. We received a $550 voucher with our booking. Initially I found a Vera Wang cake one photo shoot that they did which I really liked. It had pinky tones which matched my bridesmaid dresses. I realised later on that the pale pink wasn’t going to work.

Glen, my mother and I visited the The Cake Studio in June which was approximately 3 months before the wedding. We got to taste test the different cake flavours and we ventured into the back room to see where they create these amazing wedding cakes. Here are some pictures. The Cake StudioOutside of The Cake Studio in Sans Souci. The Cake StudioThey had different cakes on display which was really helpful to see. The Cake StudioIt was great to see them preparing the cakes for the weddings in their back room. It smelt delicious back there. The most yummiest cake and lolly smell ever!! The Cake StudioHere is a 5 tier wedding cake. I would only go for something this big if I was having over 300 guests. Big cakes are in fashion at the moment but you need a large room to place them in, in order to balance out it’s size. The Cake StudioThis one is a large 4 tier cake. Once again, I would only recommend having this size cake if you are having over 250-200 guests at your wedding. wpid888-010.jpgThe technique used in the above cake is really clever. The ruffle effect looks lovely and Vera Wang are using this technique quite a lot. This cake is in ivory but you can purchase it in white. The Cake StudioAbove is Mum, Glen and our lovely cake stylist. The Cake StudioThis cake is pretty and Vera Wang inspired but I would steer clear of the ribbon. The Cake StudioMost wedding cake suppliers offer an array of flavours. The Cake Studio offer strawberry and vanilla swirl, chocolate and vanilla swirl, caramel mud, chocolate mud a vanilla. The cake is really moist and delicious. We chose the strawberry and chocolate/vanilla flavours for our cake. You will have to wait and see what style of cake we chose.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake: What to do and what not to do

  1. Choose a cake that matches the brides dress and dress colour. The cake should match the bride. If you are wearing white then choose a white cake. If you are wearing ivory on the day then choose an ivory cake. Don’t try and match the cake to the bridesmaid dress colour. It will look tacky.
  2. If you are small then don’t choose a large cake. We won’t be able to see you when you cut it because the cake will be towering over you.
  3. Purchase a beautiful cake stand to place your cake on. They dress the cake right up and can be purchased on Amazon for a lot cheaper then in stores.
  4. The style of the cake needs to match the theme of your wedding but not the colour. If you are having a rustic theme don’t choose a formal looking cake. Opt for something that is whimsical and pretty instead.
  5. Remember simple and tasteful is always best.
  6. Stay away from putting both of your initials on the cake. It looks tacky.
  7. Look through cakes in magazines and over the internet for the perfect cake. Most places will want to see a picture of what you like and will be guided by that. It is better to be specific and know what you want when you go for your appointment.

I hope these tips can help choose the ultimate wedding cake.

Love Rach xox

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