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March 2015



90 Day Trial with Chanel ‘Le Lift’ Face Cream

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Chanel Le Lift Creme

I purchased Chanel Le Lift face cream in Paris last year at the airport, right when we were leaving. It cost me €100 EURO which would be approximately $138 AUD or $110 USD. In Australia this product costs $179 AUD so I definitely saved a bit! And buying it from Paris is just devine!! You have to go home with a little Chanel don’t you!!

The Challenge
This cream is suppose to be fantastic for firming up the skin in the face and reducing fine lines. You would hope so for that price. So I decided to do my own 90 day challenge to see if it really works. I applied the Chanel Le Lift to my face and neck for 90 days, every morning and some nights. (I’m really terrible at applying ‘anything’ to my skin at night). I was hoping this challenge would get me into a bit of a routine as well as boost my skin.

Chanel Le Lift Creme

Adding Exfoliating Into My Routine
During the first few weeks of using it, the cream was feeling really light on my skin, non hydrating and I didn’t notice any difference. I popped into the Chanel counter in Myer and explained that I may have bought the wrong type (it also comes in a heavier cream for dry skin and a lighter cream for oily skin – I have the one for normal skin).  The sales consultant was awesome and recommended I exfoliate every-second day to move things along. This would allow the cream to absorb deep into my pores.

Chanel Maximum Radiance Exfoliating Gel

The Outcome
I began exfoliating nearly everyday with my Chanel Exfoliating Gel and kept applying the Chanel Le Lift. I noticed quite a difference after approximately 6 weeks. Mainly in the way my skin felt. It felt really hydrated and smooth which was a big plus for me. In the past my skin would tend to feel dry and rough.

Did It Reduce Fine Lines?
Yes it did slightly. After using the product for at least 80 days I noticed a difference in my fine lines. It was only slight but I have never noticed any difference with any other products that I have used in the past. I mainly noticed a difference in the hydration and condition of my skin – it felt nourished and hydrated.

Would I buy it again?
Yes I would but not in Australia. I am using Miranda Kerr’s Kora face cream products at the moment but if I find it for a cheaper price online, I will buy it. I’ll have to go looking – if I find it cheaper I will let you know 🙂 !!! I’ve included some pics of the product that I took down by the water in Glebe. The jar is so pretty and ‘Le Lift’ is written in pink. The cream is a pale pink colour too. Nice touch Chanel! ♥

Chanel Le Lift Creme

Don’t hesitate to ask me any skin care questions. Everyone’s skin is different and needs to be looked after correctly!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Love Rach xoxo


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