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March 2017



Finding the perfect wedding dress for your body shape.

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Curvy body shape

A few tips on how to find the perfect dress.

1. Try try try

I was never sure what style wedding dress I wanted to wear. Did I want to wear a ‘princess’ style wedding dress with the full skirt or something different. I always thought I would go for a full princess gown after always hearing ‘it’s the only day you get to wear a dress like that’, but once I started trying them on I changed my mind. I think you have to go with what suits you and your figure type. And you know what suits your figure better than anyone else!! And if you really aren’t sure what looks good on you, then go and try them on, and try on all styles. You will find the most flattering style in the end.

The making of my dress

In the makings of my wedding dress (above). This was the best style for me – fitted, boned and structured!

My fitted wedding dress

A little selfie of me on the day.

2. Take a photo

If they don’t let you take photos … distract them and take a God dam photo. It’s the only way you are going to know if you like it or not and you have something to look at once you leave.

3. Look hot

Do your hair and makeup because we all know that the dress isn’t going to look as good if your hair and makeup looks crap. IT will make you feel confident and getter a better indication of how the dress really looks. You also have all these people starring at you. Eeek!!

4. Don’t feel pressured to buy a dress

Go away and think about it if you aren’t sure. Don’t buy it on the spot or feel pressured, even if it’s on special. You have waited a bloody long time to wear a wedding dress and get married so you want it to be perfect. You deserve it to be absolutely and totally perfect! And the last thing you want is to be stuck with a dress that you aren’t sure of.  Make sure you are 300% sure it’s right for you before you purchase it. or 400%. You don’t want to take it home and then hate it in 3 weeks or 3 months and most wedding places don’t offer refunds or exchanges.

5. The figure guide

Don’t go for what’s in fashion go for the style that suits your figure. If you have an hour glass figure I would go for a tight fitting dress to show off those curves. If you have high waisted I would wear a dress that is waisted with a full skirt. You know what dress’s look best on you. Look at the ones in your cupboard … the styles you wear everyday and the styles that you wear out. What skirts do you wear in the office or to work? That is style that looks best on your figure so go for that. I look best in a skin tight pencil skirt. I go in at the waist and out at the hips so I try and accentuate my waist. That’s why I went for a figure hugging wedding dress with lots of structure in it (thick fabric that pulls you in with boning and thick material). If flowing dresses look great on you go for that. If you are tall with a gloriously thin silhouette (with no lumps and bumps) you can go for a dress cut on the cross. I’ve put the different body shapes below and wedding dresses to match.

Body shapes

Which body shape are you?

Straight body shape

Opt for this style if you have a straight or athletic shaped body.

Curvy body shape
The slightly dropped waist is perfect if you go in at the waist and have a
hour glass or pear body shape. It shows off your lovely little waistline.

Straight body shape
Choose a sash for around the waist like the Vera Wang gown above.
It will pull you in at the waist and create the illusion that you have a tiny waist.

6. Neck line tips 

Choose a neck line that suits you the most and shows off your assets. If you have great shoulders, a gorgeous décolletage (collar bone area) or a beautiful neck go for a strapless dress. If you have a fantastic back go for a low cut back, if you have great arms show then off. I had a friend that had gorgeous shoulders and she wore a wedding dress that had sleeves. She totally regretted that decision.


The best advice I can give is go with your gut when choosing a style of wedding dress. You know what looks best on you and you know what you want. Don’t let anyone talk you into something else. Always follow your gut!! And if you don’t know what body shape you are or what looks good on you, feel free to ask me 🙂

Love Rach xox

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